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Why We Decided To Go Tiny—Tiffany the Tiny Home!

Why We Decided To Go Tiny—Tiffany the Tiny Home!

July 07, 2017 0 Comments

BY Tim and Sam, Tiffany the Tiny Home.

We decided to go tiny because we looked at what we valued in life as well as our financial situation.

The typical “American Dream” did not match with our mindset. Sam mentioned tiny homes numerous times, and when it was time to start the next chapter of our lives, we started to crunch the numbers.

Thankfully it worked out! We liked the idea of a more minimalist lifestyle, a sort of different approach on life. So, we started looking at tiny homes to get an idea of what we liked.

We ended up finding Adam from A New Beginning Tiny Homes online and instantly fell in love with Tiffany the Tiny Home!

Tiffany The Tiny Home - Exterior

Tiffany is a beautiful 1920’s inspired craftsman style bungalow! The rich dark stained wood throughout the home makes it feel like a more traditional style tiny home. Adam did an amazing job on her, so finding our dream home was complete!

Tiffany The Tiny Home - Interior

Although we dream about being able to move Tiffany around the country or plop her down on a piece of farm land, for now we still have our normal 8-6 jobs. We love living tiny and want to share our experience with everyone who is interested.

Within our blog, we not only want to help people go tiny, but we also want to show others that to do something like this you don’t have to reboot your life.
When move-in day rolled around, we actually found that we had more space than we thought we would! Like, a lot more. We still haven’t used all the storage! Although we are still getting settled, I’d say this was a pretty painless transition.

Tiffany The Tiny Home - Interior

We don’t find ourselves missing anything from our home with more square footage. We still enjoy convenience, we just trimmed the fat from our lives.

We’re back to the basics and it feels pretty great.

Altogether it takes 15 minutes for both of us to clean our home from top to bottom. Everything has its own place and doesn’t easily get lost.

Tiffany The Tiny Home - Interior

We use every one of our belongings on a regular basis. Of course, sometimes we still fall into the seduction of material belongings, because we’re human. But it’s a pretty solid reason not to be a consumer if you literally don’t have the space to store whatever item you wanted. Practice makes perfect. 

Reducing our carbon footprint is a marathon, not a sprint. We have experienced reduced anxiety, optimism for the future, more intention, and genuine joy. I think we were both so ready for a lifestyle with values that rang true for us, and this feels like a perfect fit.

Tiffany The Tiny Home - Interior

We are about two weeks into tiny living and can already tell you that we are going to love this way of living. Having a home like Tiffanyless material things and less house to cleanleaves us more time to do what we enjoy, whether that’s working on a farm or sitting in a cubicle at an 8-6 job.

Tiffany The Tiny Home - HGTV

Overall, we’re just two normal people who chose to live in a smaller space. It just made the most sense for us. We hope you enjoy our journey and make sure to stay tuned into our social media to what is going on in our world of living tiny!

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