Have you had any regrets living in a tiny house? - #AskTheDreamTeam - Dream Big Live Tiny Co.
Have you had any regrets living in a tiny house? - #AskTheDreamTeam

Have you had any regrets living in a tiny house? - #AskTheDreamTeam

July 25, 2019 1 Comment

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Question: Have you had any regrets about living in a tiny house?



Ashlee | girlinatinyhouse.com

Girl in a Tiny House (@girlinatinyhouse)

I can comfortably say that I don’t have any regrets going tiny. I don’t even regret getting rid of my stuff in order to move into my tiny house. When I committed to building my tiny house, I had some doubts about how I would cope so I told myself that I will live in it for a minimum of 12 months to make sure I really gave it a go. Nearly 8 months in and so far, so good! My tiny house is on the smaller side so long term, I may outgrow it but for the time being it is exactly what I had hoped for.



Sam & Tim | tiffanythetinyhome.com

Tiffany the Tiny Home (@tiffany_the_tiny_home)

We really don’t have any regrets. We’re obsessed with our house and have such a great time sharing what it’s like living in it. I think if we weren’t so wrapped up in the island project, we would do more festivals. Our first year tiny we did a bunch and it was a blast. But as for decisions about our home and our lifestyle, we don’t regret any of it.



Nicolette & Michael | nicolettenotes.com

Nicolettenotes (@nicolettenotes)

I would probably say my biggest regret is not doing it sooner. But then again it all happened when it was supposed to and now, we are so incredibly lucky to live this lifestyle. Umm, I do wish we put a small facet in the shower so it would make shaving my legs a little easier lol but besides that we are so, so in love!



Zeena & Shane | zeenafontanilla.com

Zeena Fontanilla (@zeena_fontanilla)

Our decision to go tiny was made when we were 1 month into our 8-month engagement to be married. In the midst of planning, designing and organizing all of our wedding details my Fiance springs this idea on me to build our own home. The whole, "Where are we gonna live after we say I do" conversation overwhelmed me because I knew we would be giving up a chunk of our hard-earned paycheck for a very tiny cottage that would never be ours.

The reality set in and I realized that tiny living is the smartest move we can make with the little money we had. Our decision to design, build and manage our own project was overwhelming and exciting. We worked through miscommunications, long work days, job delays, missed deadlines and with a tight budget, but I can truthfully say that there was never a moment of regret. Before, after or during our entire build.



Jess & Todd | tinyhouseofny.com

Tiny House of NY (@tinyhouseofny)

We have no regrets—except maybe not doing this sooner. We did not go tiny until I (Jess) was in my late 30s and Todd at 40, after we had done the conventional home thing. We learned a lot working on our last home so those lessons and skills proved invaluable when working on our tiny house, but I wish alternative living had been on our radar sooner.

No regrets when it comes to tiny house living in and of itself. We looked around our house this morning while mulling this question over and neither of us regret this decision at all. We love this life we’ve created!

We’ve also never missed anything that we got rid of during our downsizing phase. We really have found it does not take much to live a happy life, and a lot of the materials items we’re taught that we need, we don’t actually.



Alexis & Brian | instagram.com/living_the_tiny_dream

Living the Tiny Dream (@living_the_tiny_dream)

We have absolutely no regrets from going tiny, truly. Living this way has been such an amazing experience and has given us so much more than we could have imagined. We have more free time, less stuff, more money to throw at debt, and are much more intentional with how we live and the amount we consume. Additionally, we’ve found amazing friends and community through the various tiny house social media sites, which was a wonderful but unexpected surprise.

We probably won’t live this way forever, but I can’t see us stopping any time soon. This has easily been the best thing we could have done for ourselves from both a sustainability and financial standpoint and I wouldn’t change a thing!



Annie | pocketmanor.com

Pocket Manor (@pocket.manor)

Overall, I have zero regrets about going tiny. I can't say that it was a completely smooth journey, there are bumps along any road worth traveling, but at no point did I think about abandoning this project. I love my little house, the changes it has ushered into my life, and the fact that my house is truly mine. Anything I want to change, I can! Which means I can always find a new project to focus on—and for me, that is definitely a good thing. I'm the kind of gal who would get bored quickly if I didn't have a project to invest my energy into.

One tiny regret—I wish I had paid the builder I worked with to paint the inside of my house. I've heard this sentiment from SO many other people too. It seems like an easy way to save money going in, because painting is a pretty easy DIY project. But painting, especially after you've moved in, is SUCH A PAIN IN THE BUTT. I cannot express how unreasonably annoying it is. I normally take a lot of pride in all of the stuff I've been able to do myself, but I really wish I had saved myself the grief and just scrounged up the money to have someone else do that for me.



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