Travel More - Dream Big Live Tiny Co.

Dream Big, Live Tiny, Travel More

Before quitting my corporate consulting job, selling all of my belongings, and embarking on a year-long journey around the world with just a backpack, I realized that there would never be a "perfect" time to live out my dreams, and the longer I waited, the less of a reality that would become.

So I decided to take control of my life and pour every bit of myself into "why" I live tiny financially & materially—to inspire others to go out into the world and explore far and long; to get out of their comfort zone. To dream big, and travel more.

During this adventure, I committed myself to creating daily 60-second videos about 3 things that make me tick—epic adventures, meeting people from new cultures, & staying fit! It's been a challenge to document this journey on a daily basis, while still enjoying the ride and being present. But it has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people along the way and has been a constant reminder that everyone's story is worth sharing.

I hope you all will find value in these videos and continue to voice your oess of along the way. But most importantly, I hope these short 60-seconds per dapinions about what you would like to see more of and ly inspire you to DREAM BIG & TRAVEL MORE!