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#LiveTinyChallenge - How to Win!

 How to Win!

1. Sign up for the challenge!

You'll receive daily reminders in your inbox during the challenge to keep you on top of your downsizing. You may complete the challenge on your own, but we suggest teaming up with a friend to motivate each other to complete it!


2. Complete the 10-day challenge! 

On day one, you will get rid of three itemsone item to sell, one item to donate, and one to keep. Each subsequent day, the items to sell and keep increase, while the items to keep remain at one per day. For example, on day ten, you will place ten items in the sell box, ten items in the donate box, and only one in the keep box. At the end of the challenge, you will have 55 items to sell, 55 items to donate, and 10 items to keep!


3. Post your progress! 

In order to be entered to win the $750 getaway, the requirement is to post at least ONE Instagram post during the challenge (any day you'd like, although on the first or last day are best) showcasing your items to keep, sell, and donate for that day, and use the hashtag #LiveTinyChallenge ! Although not required, we encourage you to post on your Stories daily to showcase your items selected for the day to keep you on track!


4. Cross your fingers! 

At the end of the 10-day challenge, we will compile a list of everyone who signed up, completed the challenge, and posted on Instagram, and we will randomly select a winner to receive a $750 getaway package from our sponsors, including flight vouchers and accommodation!