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#LiveTinyChallenge - How it Works!

How it Works!

The concept is simple—everyday for 10 days, you will select items (as big or small as you'd like! Think clothes, books, kitchen appliances, etc.) from your home to place into one of 3 "buckets": Sell, Donate, and Keep.

On day 1, you will place 1 item in the Sell bucket, 1 in the Donate, and 1 in the Keep. The catch is that every day, the required items for the Sell and Donate buckets increase by one (for example, on day 4, you place 4 items in the Sell and 4 in the Donate bucket), while only placing 1 item in the Keep bucket every day!

After 10 days, you should have selected 55 items to Sell, 55 items to Donate, & 10 items to Keep!

At the end of the challenge, we will randomly select someone that completed the challenge to receive a getaway package from our sponsors! It's that easy :)

To make things more competitive and make sure you stay on track, challenge a friend to complete the #LiveTinyChallenge with you!

Sign up at the link above to enter! Challenge starts on Wednesday, March 21, 2018!