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Unhappy Accountant Turned Tiny Home Dweller

Unhappy Accountant Turned Tiny Home Dweller

December 29, 2016

BY Grace Warner, Warner's Hidden Corner.


I was an unhappy accountant living in Ohio when my partner, Dustin, asked me what I truly wanted to do with my life. I thought about it long and hard and two days later came back to him with the answer, “I want to own an eco-resort.” After doing a little more research into types of sustainable dwellings, I fell in love with Tiny Houses and my plan to start a Tiny House Eco-Resort was born. Four months after that, I had left my accounting job, moved to Colorado with Dustin, and was researching for and preparing my business plan.

Since then, a ton of research has been done into the local codes and I know that my Tiny House Eco-Resort has a lot of hurdles to get over and 8 months to 2 years’ worth of Special Review procedures and permits to get through. In the meantime, Dustin and I purchased some land and have started testing my business plan with Blue Moon, our first Tiny House available to rent!

Warner's Hidden Corner tiny house view in Fort Collins, Colorado

Blue Moon was built by MitchCraft Tiny Homes, a local builder out of Fort Collins. It has some industrial touches like the galvanized steel railings and the stainless-steel backsplash that runs to the ceiling, but my favorite part is all of the exposed wood; beetle kill pine covers the ceiling as well as the floor of the lofts, hickory is on the main floor, a butcher block countertop runs the length of the kitchen, and the bathroom is lined in cedar. Right now, it comfortably sleeps three, but we’re in the process of making the smaller storage loft safe for a fourth guest to sleep in.

Dustin is studying physics at CSU in Fort Collins and has put that knowledge along with some construction experience into creating an off-grid system for Blue Moon. After a few initial tweaks of the set-up, we now have solar panels and a wind turbine which provide all of the necessary energy (a generator is there for backup just in case), along with propane and water that we haul in and out.

Warner's Hidden Corner tiny house exterior in Fort Collins, Colorado

Our intention is to purchase, or lease, a much larger piece of property, still just outside Fort Collins, where we can have 8 to 10 off-grid Tiny Houses for rent. Our guests would have the same luxurious accommodations as can be found in Blue Moon, and will have access to the wilderness of Colorado as well as the businesses found in Fort Collins. This next phase should come to fruition in the next three to four years after we have found the perfect parcel of land and have gone through all of the necessary requirements to operate legally in the county.

Blue Moon is available to short term renters through our listing on AirBnB. It sits on 35 acres abutting the Roosevelt National Forest near Livermore, CO and about 45 minutes from Old Town Fort Collins. You can spend your vacation in our Tiny House exploring the big hill and valley on our property, while relaxing enjoying the privacy and wildlife in the meadow tucked in our valley of the Rocky Mountains. You can also walk right into the National Forest for a hike, go fishing in the nearby town of Red Feather Lakes or down in the Poudre river, or you could spend the day in Fort Collins checking out the local restaurants, breweries, and shops.

Warner's Hidden Corner tiny house interior in Fort Collins, Colorado

I’m thrilled that things are coming together and love sharing everything I’ve learned and am learning about Tiny Houses, the regional attractions, and living off-grid. Please visit our website, Airbnb Listing, Facebook Page, and Instagram to see a little more about our piece of paradise in Northern Colorado.

Follow our Pinterest for tiny house design ideas for living rooms, bedrooms, lofts, bathrooms, and MUCH MORE!

Follow our Pinterest for tiny living design ideas for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, & much more!


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