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Join for a Chance to Win A Tiny House Vacation!

Join for a Chance to Win A Tiny House Vacation!

May 14, 2019 1 Comment

We were recently informed of a new forum community——that recently launched in March 2019, a platform providing an online forum connecting people currently involved in the tiny house community, as well as those who are just starting to explore the tiny house lifestyle! They’ve built an online community exclusively for the purpose of exchanging information, ideas, and resources related to the tiny house movement.

Being involved in the tiny house movement since 2015, we’ve seen many blogs, builders, and listing sites sprout up to serve the needs of tiny living enthusiasts, but there hasn't been a forum site that serves the greater community, both dwellers and enthusiasts, connecting businesses and individuals, and providing a platform for answering questions.

With the emergence of Tiny House Forum and the growing community on their site since launch, we’re really excited to share with you all this new resource to help you with your own tiny living journeys.


What can I find on Tiny House Forum?

With many directories to browse through, from tiny houses on wheels, to tiny houses on foundations, to zoning and ordinance discussions, you’re sure to find a topic of interest or need to help answer some of your tiny living questions.

One of our favorite directories that we’ve subscribed to are the General Discussions, where there is currently a lengthy conversation going on about loft vs. main floor bedrooms with many community members searching for other alternatives to lofts!

Another topic in General Discussions asks the community their thoughts on budgets to expect from building your own DIY tiny house vs. hiring a builder to build it for you—FitOldDog, member of the forum, talks about how he converted a shed in his backyard for $12,000 and currently rents out his main house for $1050/mo, essentially living rent-free!

Another favorite directory of ours is Zoning and Ordinances, which I am certain will become a tremendously valuable resource as people from around the country and globe continue to share their experiences in their respective municipalities, cities, and states.


Join Tiny House Forum for a Chance to win a Tiny House Vacation or $600 Cash!

Because we know this community will be of great help to many people and we want to help spread the word, we partnered with to giveaway a 2-night vacation at the tiny house resort (or individual tiny house rental) of your choice up to $500 USD value to try tiny living, OR up to $600 CASH!

Tiny House Forum - Win a Tiny House Vacation or up to $600 Cash!

To enter, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for an account at It’s completely free!
  2. Post 30 posts on before May 31, 2019—a post could be a “New Topic” or a “Reply” to any existing post!

Sign up today to enter to win!

We signed up this week (our username is DreamBigLiveTinyCo) and have already posted a couple of times, so if you see any of our posts around the site, be sure to reply and say hi!

While this post is sponsored, we wouldn’t have taken up the opportunity to share this platform with you all if we weren’t incredibly excited about the growing community on it and the great help it will be to the many enthusiasts looking to embark on their own tiny living journeys.

So be sure to sign up and introduce yourself here so you can begin connecting with the rest of the Tiny House Forum community!


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1 Response

Melissa Houston
Melissa Houston

October 20, 2019

I’m interested in knowing more about the tiny home movement. I dont have much knowledge except from what I’ve watched on youtube. I would like to visit a tiny home fair. I dont know the proper term but would like inform builders company & villages in my area. Thank you

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